Friday, February 03, 2017

The Queen of (No Broken) Hearts has baked some tarts and invites you please to tea (or wine) - At my studio building H studio 5 at Angels Gate Cultural Center for a Valentine Party-ette and HEART Sale.
It is the full moon so write a secret wish or desire to send to the cosmos before Valentine's Day.
Saturday February 11th, NOON - 2pm  Secrets sending afterward at Cabrillo Beach.

Angels Gate Cultural Center, Studio H-5
3601 S. Gaffey Street, in San Pedro. CA.90731
You can call for a different studio visit or to purchase.
Beth Elliott 562-508-6947.
I will add work (Cyanotype, Sculpture, etc) here as it becomes available. 

        Cyanotype with other chemicals, watercolor and Metal leaf. 
        Each is unique and more nuanced in person.

"Lucky in Love" 30" x 22"  

                                     "Chain of Hearts" 30" x 22"  

                                                    "Hearts of Palm" 22" x 30" 

* Is it the Roll of the Dice, the Luck of the Draw, or is it the Way You Play Your Cards?*

"No Broken Hearts"  $400   Enamel on metal roadsign 30" x 30"

"In MY Heart"
  Wire, glass beads