Thursday, May 03, 2012

 “San Pedro Tsunami:  the Wave of Awareness” is an upcycled water bottle sculpture installation on a 90’ long chain link fence near the Senior Court on the campus of San Pedro Senior High School.  The ongoing environmental art project was conceived and built by San Pedro High students with help from Beth Elliott, a sculptor from Angels Gate Cultural Center and funds from Angels Gate.  The students are weaving water bottles into the cells of the chain link fence as the chemicals from disintegrating plastic in the ocean are woven into the cells of the sea life and then into our own cells.  It reminds us that we must use less plastic as well as recycle what we do use.  The public can see the spectacular water bottle wave in person  by signing in at the front gate; San Pedro Senior High School 1001 W. 15th St. San Pedro, CA 90731 You can also follow its progress and see photos on theFacebook  group “San Pedro Tsunami”.